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Foundry Artists


Foundry Artists are a group of Worcestershire artists who attend weekly workshops with artist Hilary Baker in her studio at Bewdley Museum. Exploring a wide variety of materials and techniques, they produce paintings, sculptures, printmaking, drawings, life studies, and much more. Hilary’s workshops are informative and challenging where people can develop their own creative journey in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Since the huge success of last year’s exhibition in numbers of sales and visitors, Foundry Artists have been busy developing new creative and artistic opportunities. Life classes are being held in January/February 2020. Alongside this we’ll also be operating after school classes and workshops for Young Foundry Artists, where young people have the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award certificate. 10% of all sales from last year’s exhibition enabled the trialling of our Art & Chips project aimed at improving emotional wellbeing and mental health which will continue this year.